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Director of Armanis "Sagamar" CJSC


Eploitation of Armanis gold multi-metal mine served a key objective for establishing "Sagamar" company in 2001. Works were intensively launched in the 2nd half of 2007. "Sagamar" is supposed to have about 500,000 tons of export annually. Construction of the entire complex will be completed by the end of 2009. There is a small water pond on the top of the mine, aimed at keeping purity of the plant environment and providing automatic pressure of the dust.


It is not envisaged to construct tailing dumps, taking into consideration the fact that the territory is very interesting from the viewpoint of natural protection. It is planned to provide dry storage of the tail. Similar method is used in Finland, where natural protection requirements are very strict. "Sagamar" plant is furnished only by the state-of-the-art equipment.


The department of crashing will operate inside the mine, allowing avoiding silo storage of the crushed ore.


The first production of the ore will start from the open mine in 2008, then it will be transported to Akhtala processing plant; the 2nd multi-metal line was constructed for this purpose.


Our corporation is conducting wide research works. At the end of this year we'll summarize the results and the corporation will start geological investigations in the central parts of Armenia.


At  present  Armanis  mine  has  106  employees,  planned  to increase up to 700. We already started road-construction works from the city center of Stepanavan to Armanis mine. In our programs we focused much attention on social problems of Armanis people, in particular  we  assumed  responsibility  to  support  the school, as well as we furnished a computer room and renovated the roof, etc.


We plan to establish a fish-farm based on drainage and production water flowing from the plant.


The plant has 18 hectare land, 10 hectare of which is vacant and only 7 hectare is foreseen for open mine. There are no forests, arable and water ponds in the whole territory.


Journal “Miner & Metallurgist” #2, September 2008 (pdf. 1.58 Mb)





 Since 2007 “NEVA RUS” company has been implementing investment programs in Armenia, one of which is SAGAMAR gold multi metal mine with its processing plant, to be launched near to Armanis, Stepanavan. The construction has started in 2008, and it’s planned to put into operation in the 2nd half of 2011.


The plant annual capacity will be 500-800 ths tons of mineral. Before starting, daily working routine of the plant is as follows.


Vardan Papyan, Director of the company is stating that everything is completed, and in May 2011 the operation will be launched, they just wait for receiving mills.


The whole project cost is 62 mln USD, 26 mln USD of which has been allocated to the underground mine. The mine is not constructed yet, 7-8 mln USD is envisaged for operation costs, in particular extraction and reservation of the ore for further processing. 24 mln USD has been allocated to the construction of 30 ths sq.m. production and service area. The number of employees is 300, and after the plant’s exploitation it will reach 500.


Transportation of the extracted mineral from Armanis underground mine to the processing plant will be carried out by dump tracks. Facilities and technologies of the laboratory allow prompt and proper definition of even minor failures. Nature protection issues are of great importance. All processes are settled so that it is possible to define the pollution of wastes first. New technologies prevent from the existence of liquid waste. The production unit will have a 24-hour, shift working express laboratory.


Geological-mining department is furnished with modern equipment as well. The procedure for selecting and training personnel is settled as well. All the employees are young and well experienced and have passed appropriate training courses. Cafeteria, checkrooms, security and medical service rooms are furnished will all modern facilities.


As it is planned to launch the plant in May 2011, construction-assembling works are provided at full speed in future departments of the plant. There are more than 300 constructors of all necessary specialties.


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