At AVV Mining LTD, we have diverse capabilities that allow us to respond with practical and advanced solutions to alterable industry demands. For each of our projects we accurately draw together a team of experts who are skilled and passionate to deliver excellent services.


Our broad industry knowledge and experience enables us to balance requirements and constraints forced by complex projects. For our clients we are doing our best to bring on and transform their holistic requirements onto realistic and cost-effective solutions. We believe that our approaches designed to improve the economic and operational efficiency of a project each step of the way – from concept to completion. 


 The ability to provide cohesive services is a key attribute of AVV Mining’s contribution to a project.


 Our range of services in this area can take our clients’ projects from the inception, through development and operation to closure. We evaluate all aspects of project and operational management including extraction, processing, treatment, and transportation options. Our main priority is to create optimum value for our clients. Our range of services in mining segment provides our clients with end-to-end solutions that customized to their project and include:



  • Exploration and Geological Evaluation of Prospects

  • Open Pit Mine Design and Engineering

  • Underground Mine Design and Engineering

  • Mining Feasibility Studies

  • Mining Project Due Diligence

  • Mining Geology and Mine Optimization

  • Technical and Financial Appraisal of Mineral Projects

  • Mineral Exploration Project Management

  • EPCM Projects

  • APCS Solutions

  • Plant Optimization and Operational Management

  • Environmental Management and Solutions

  • Mine Closure and Reclamation

  • Legal Audit and Consulting

  • Lobbying



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